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Well, who would have thought a simple fingerprint would make such a difference..... but it does. 

For example, if a man who works with tools applies a 'thumb print' to your Fingerprint Tree, it'll be the biggest print on there, and the one thing that catches your eye the most. So make sure everyone uses their 'index' finger. That's your 'pointing' finger!

Remember, you're celebrating an occasion, not spending the night in the 'lock-up', so there's no need to roll your finger. 

When using a tree design, I encourage you to apply fingerprints all over the branch area, in a random fashion. This always gives a good finish. But if you're using a design where the fingerprints make the balloons, champagne bubbles or anchor chain etc. Consider the fact the fingerprints need to go in a certain direction, in order to complete the intended design. If they are placed in a random fashion, it doesn't leave the best finish. I recommend you print out a completed sample image off the website for your guests to emulate. 

I often get asked "should I fingerprint first, then write the name, or the other way around?" Well it doesn't actually matter when it comes to the end result. Both ways turn out the same. Buuuttttt... when it comes to getting people to sign the tree quickly, it's best to write the name first, then fingerprint. This is because once someone writes their name, it's easier to find after applying ink on the finger. Then they can stamp their name, and walk away to wipe their finger. This will keep the flow of people moving faster. 

As for removing ink off fingers.....

Baby wipes, or make up wipes will generally do the job. However they will only take off the residual ink, the rest will come off over time, generally after a shower or two. It's a small price to pay for good quality fingerprint.       

Remember, fingerprints don't just wipe off of paper, so don't leave your Fingerprint Tree unattended. Refer to my Captain Sensible Blog.        

I hope this helps. 

Cheers, Ray 😉