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Fingerprints!   Well, who would have thought a simple fingerprint would make such a difference..... but it does.  For example, if a man who works with tools applies a 'thumb print' to your Fingerprint Tree, it'll be the biggest print on there, and the one thing that catches your eye the most. So make sure everyone uses their 'index' finger. That's your 'pointing' finger! Remember, you're celebrating an occasion, not spending the night in the 'lock-up', so there's no need to roll your finger.  When using a tree design, I encourage you to apply fingerprints all over the branch area, in a random fashion. This always gives a good finish. But if you're using a design where the fingerprints make...

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Captain Sensible

Captain Sensible, who's that?   Captain Sensible, is the person you nominate to look after your Fingerprint Tree. They help guide people to use your tree. After all, there's still a lot of people out there that haven't seen a Fingerprint Tree before. They can also help with children, as well as the elderly.  Like any good super hero, Captain Sensible works better with a sidekick. It's the sidekicks job to go out to the groups of guests, and usher them over to Captain Sensible, to participate in the Fingerprint Tree.  The best time to do your Fingerprint Tree, is as early in the event as possible. On entrance is good, before they get too engrossed in conversation, or have to...

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